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First four bell peppers

Finally! This past week I’ve been watching four bell peppers getting a little bit larger each day. Today, I couldn’t stand it any longer; I had to pick them. They’re going to make a tasty addition to an omelette tomorrow morning. (I included the latest batch of tomatoes in the photo, too.)

bell peppers & tomatoes


Finally! Two beautiful, ripe tomatoes from our garden. There’s nothing as good as just-picked tomatoes still warm from the sun. These were gobbled up moments after I took this photo. Yum!

Actually, these are tomatoes #3 & #4. The very first two tomatoes had blossom end rot, making them inedible for us, but the birds enjoyed them. After watering with a solution of Epsom salt and water, we haven’t had any more blossom end rot.

Here’s something fun: We’ve got bok choi and romaine lettuce growing in our kitchen garden window. I cut off the bases of several bunches of each, placed them in water, and now new bunches are growing. Aren’t they cute? Give it a try!

IMG_0011 (2)

I did the same thing with green onions and have had a continuous supply of them for several months now. Who knew?

green onions

5 zucchini plants sprouted!

I know having five zucchini plants sprout won’t sound very exciting to most folks, but I’ve been waiting TWO weeks for them to show their beautiful little leaves, patrolling the back yard at least six times almost every day.

zucchini sprout

The first zucchini sprout popped up three evenings ago. Man, oh man, it was so exciting to see those tiny little leaves peeking out. The next morning another one was waiting for me, and that afternoon number three made an appearance. This morning, number four was basking in the sun when I took my first walk around the yard, and at 3:15 this afternoon number five greeted me when I made my rounds for the fourth time. We should have at least one more in the next few days, and there are two others that I’ve given up hope on. I still have more seeds, but I’m thinking that those five (soon to be six… and maybe eight) zucchini plants might be enough to feed us, my brother and his family, some friends and maybe a large portion of our neighborhood.

In addition to all this (future) zucchini, I’ve got one HUGE tomato plant with dozens of tomatoes on it growing like crazy and 16 more tomato plants germinating, so I think I’ll be busy for a while.

tomato plant

Oh yeah, and six more packs of tomato seeds just arrived, along with four packs of pepper seeds, one pack of carrot seeds and a pack of scarlet runner bean seeds. Good times!