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Titanic remembered through geocaching

Yesterday a blogging friend, Al from Thoughts of Houdini, posted about this year being the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and that jogged my memory about a virtual cache we found in Hawaii a few years ago, GC584A – That Sinking Feeling.

Lucy Parrish was a survivor of the Titanic disaster. When she died in 1930 she was buried in Oahu Cemetery in Honolulu. See that white square in the upper corner of her headstone? Someone named Michael B. Romero placed that on her headstone. I’ve googled him several times to find out who he is and why he did that, but have never found anything. Geocaching quite often takes us places we would have never known existed (this beautiful cemetery being one of them) and shows us things we would have never known about (such as this memorial plaque for Lucy Parrish… or even her grave). Click on the photo below for a larger, clearer image of the plaque.

Mike, being a history buff, was very excited by this find and he stills mentions it from time to time. I’m not much for history, but even I was excited about it.

A few months ago I discovered a beautiful Titanic geocoin that I knew HAD to be in our collection, and it’s always a hit at geocaching meet & greet events. Here’s our gorgeous geocoin, made by geocacher mo pirate in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster:

If any geocachers see this post and want to discover this beautiful geocoin, please do. I left the number visible on purpose because it has its own logo, like the photo on the right.

more information:



a geocoin goes to angel stadium

A while back I posted a geocoin’s day at Dodger Stadium and, if you remember, the little guy wanted to go to major league baseball stadiums all across the United States. This past Wednesday he got to go to Angel Stadium.

I must say he was just as excited about visiting Angel Stadium as he was on his Dodger Stadium visit. These photos prove it:

First the little guy tried on the Angel ball cap; he’s just a wee bit too small to wear a size 649 1/2 cap.

Then he decided to sit on an Angel ball statue and sun himself (it was a beautiful day):

Then he saw Mickey Mouse and all bets were off… he was all over Mickey:

on his chest

on his nose

and on his hand

About this time he spotted the Angels car and he wouldn’t stop whining until we took him over to have his photo taken with it:

We had a great time with the little guy and we’re going to miss him when we drop him off in San Francisco.

a geocoin’s day at dodger stadium

Almost a week ago a geocoin, steben6’s World Champion San Francisco Giants Major League Geocoin, was placed in one of our caches, Take Your Base(s). As soon as I saw it I knew we had to retrieve it and help it fulfill its desire to travel to major league ball parks all around the U.S.

So… we set aside this past Tuesday as “SF Geocoin Goes to Dodger Stadium” day. Little did we know how wonderful it would turn out.

When you arrive at Dodger Stadium you can’t see the stadium. What you see is a sign welcoming you to Dodger Stadium and a bunch of little toll booths that you have to go through to get to the parking areas. We figured the sign was the best we could do, so we pulled over to the side of the entrance, hopped out of the car and took some photos.

Just past one of the little toll booths was another sign that said Welcome to Dodger Stadium, so we decided maybe, if we asked the guard up there at the little guard shack very nicely, he would let us pull in and take a photo of the geocoin with that sign. BUT! About that time another Dodger Stadium guard pulled up next to us and (very pleasantly) asked us what we were doing. Just try and explain to someone that you’re taking photos of a geocoin with the parking lot sign  because the geocoin wants to visit ball parks all over the U.S.


Enter the quick explanation of what a geocoin is, followed by an equally quick explanation of geocaching. Again…

Huh? (He didn’t really say “huh?,” it was more like the expression on his face.)

“Ok. Here, would you like to hold the geocoin?” This geocoin is a particularly handsome little guy and I think the guard was impressed with it. When he read the info that the owners had included he said he’d have to look up geocoin and geocaching. Perhaps we’ll have another geocacher amongst us in the near future?

Having made friends (in my mind, at least) with the very nice guard, we asked him if perhaps we could get a photo with the sign just past the toll booths. He told us (bless his heart!) to stop at the guard shack and tell the guard we wanted to go to the gift shop. Cool. We get to go to the gift shop. Who knew we could do that? He led the way, stopped ahead of us and told the guard where we were going and we were on our way. Just follow the blue line.

Well, we followed the blue line through one very large parking lot, then another until we finally came to a sign pointing the way to the gift shop. And that’s where we saw this:

and this:

Wow! A beautiful Dodgers mural at the entrance to the actual stadium… and the gift shop.  But wait! It got better!

Mike was like a kid in a candy shop. I have to admit, it was exciting to be there (pretty much all by ourselves, no less) and I’m sure the geocoin will never forget his visit to Dodger Stadium. I know we won’t.