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wandering through ohio

Mike and I wandered out to Ohio for a quick trip these past couple of days. Our mission was to look at some houses we were considering for our retirement home, which we accomplished… with disappointing results. There’s a lot more looking to be done.

Once that was behind us we decided to visit some post offices and get date stamps in our travel book. This is a hobby we started years ago while I worked at a post office. A fellow employee had two full books of date stamps from post offices everywhere he and his wife had traveled. I thought it was a wonderful idea and proceeded to ‘borrow’ it for our travels. Over the years we added a bit to the record by buying current postage stamps and having the postal clerks ‘cancel’ them. What better souvenir? Stamp collection meets date stamp sovenir. A date stamp from our trip.It takes almost no room. There are no trinkets to dust. It costs almost nothing.

What makes our hobby so special to us? It gets us off the highways and into cities that we would have otherwise just driven by. We usually ask a local citizen for directions to the post office, thereby meeting people who live in the cities we visit. For us, it’s a much better way to travel than hitting theme parks or other tourist traps.

(The stamp pictured here is from Martin’s Ferry, Ohio. It’s a nice, friendly town. Stop by if you have the chance.)

i’m a blogger!

Well… I finally made the jump to blogging. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a year or so, but this is the first site I’ve looked at that seemed easy enough to deal with on a regular basis.

We are a couple of senior citizens who like to wander. Everywhere. Around the house. Around the neighborhood. Around our city. Around the state. Or even around the United States. We never know where we’ll be at any given time. For now we share our wandering time with some work time, but soon enough we’ll be retired and wander even more. yay. Either way, retired or not, this blog will chronicle our wanderings, our life and our family.

Welcome to our world.