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Finally! Two beautiful, ripe tomatoes from our garden. There’s nothing as good as just-picked tomatoes still warm from the sun. These were gobbled up moments after I took this photo. Yum!

Actually, these are tomatoes #3 & #4. The very first two tomatoes had blossom end rot, making them inedible for us, but the birds enjoyed them. After watering with a solution of Epsom salt and water, we haven’t had any more blossom end rot.

Here’s something fun: We’ve got bok choi and romaine lettuce growing in our kitchen garden window. I cut off the bases of several bunches of each, placed them in water, and now new bunches are growing. Aren’t they cute? Give it a try!

IMG_0011 (2)

I did the same thing with green onions and have had a continuous supply of them for several months now. Who knew?

green onions