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Cousins, cousins everywhere – part two

Auntie Sandy came to visit a couple of weeks after Lisa was here, so there was another gathering of the cousins.

auntie sandy day one 107

auntie sandy day one 046

auntie sandy day one 057

auntie sandy day one 105

auntie sandy day one 099

auntie sandy day one 087

auntie sandy day one 088

auntie sandy day one 069

And, yes, Quincy was still sitting on Chuck’s lap.

auntie sandy day one 072

Cousins, cousins everywhere – part one

We wandered out to Chuck & Larie’s for a cousins get-together in mid August when Lisa came to visit, and then we did it again in early September when Auntie Sandy came to visit. I haven’t seen so many cousins at one time in years. Visits include lots of photos, so I’ll just quit typing and post a bunch of them. This post will be Lisa’s visit. Auntie Sandy’s visit will be the next post.

lisa visit 136

lisa visit 137

lisa visit 147

lisa visit 140

lisa visit 156

lisa visit 133

lisa visit 141

lisa visit 132

This is Chuck’s lap dog.

lisa visit 148

Oh, yes he is! This is such a hilarous sight – Quincy sits on Chuck’s lap every chance he gets.

lisa visit 161

Jayson had Wilbur doing his famous Saying Prayers trick. Aren’t they both adorable?

Jayson & Wilbur composite

And I can’t end this post without introducing you to Cousin Lizard. 🙂

lisa visit 183

what a day!

Boy, what a day this has been! First, a cousin from Texas finds me through a listing on my work website (thanks to his wife, who knows her way around the internet)  (not many people in the world with my name) and after talking to him for about 30 minutes I sign on to send him an email with some info and there’s an email from another cousin, who found me through a memorial I created on Find A Grave for my 4-greats grandfather who is also his 4-greats grandfather! I don’t think it gets much better than this!

This makes six new cousins I’ve found in the past year. Maybe eventually we’ll get all the branches, limbs and twigs of the family genealogy completely filled out… or at least we’ll leave a great foundation for future generations to build on.