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geocaching in the desert

A couple of days ago, Mike and I headed out for some geocaching. We both enjoy the sport, but haven’t been out for quite a while. The day started out windless and cool, but quickly turned warm and windy. Very windy. We checked on our caches, dropped off some travel bugs, picked up a few that had been left in our caches and ended up stopping earlier than we had intended. I don’t do windy very well. Mike doesn’t mind so much. In fact, I stayed in the car while he braved the wind and dust to drop travel bugs in the last three caches we hit.

Here’s where we cached:

This was one area, but most of our caches are in identical areas. The bad thing about caching in the desert is getting covered in these:

Ouch. That’s a sharp, sticky little bugger that causes massive pain when it gets in your shoes and (somehow) INSIDE your pants legs. At least we didn’t run into any snakes (been there, done that).

Here’s one of the travel bugs we dropped into a cache:

His name is Quack and I don’t think he was very happy about being left in the desert. At least he’s in a comfy ammo can, so it won’t be too bad for him… and it probably won’t be very long before someone comes along and picks him up. Maybe they’ll move him somewhere with water. He’d like that.

Another cache was honored with a model of the SR-71 Blackbird. We used to see these awesome planes around our valley before they were retired.

Also in the photo is our mileage geocoin, Compass Rose (on my beautiful Brighton nautical keychain), and our GPSr, the Garmin Oregon 300.

The last photo is of Mike recording our activities this trip. We have to write everything down or we’ll forget where we put which travel bug.

That’s it for this trip.

Happy caching!

desert sunrise

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and the sky looked like it was on fire. It was the brightest, most brilliant orange you could imagine and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a desert sunrise shot.

I was hoping to catch this magnificent sunrise and post some fantastic photos, but in the 5 minutes it took me to throw on some clothes and another few minutes to get a mile out of town, the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as when I first saw it. However, I got a few decent shots that will have to suffice for now.