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Southern California is on fire. Again. It’s October, after all, and October is fire season in Southern California. It’s extremely dry and windy and just one tiny spark can cause major destruction. We had planned to go to Los Angeles yesterday, but instead we stayed glued to the TV watching the fire reports from several areas around L.A.

To all the people affected by the fires… our hearts go out to you. To all the exceedingly brave firefighters… you do an incredible job and are so appreciated. To the police officers… thank you for your protection and help. To the animal rescue people… thank you for taking care of the four-footed babies that are so frightened and have no idea what’s going on. To the Red Cross… the comfort and shelter you provide is a great service that is much needed.

It’s horrible to watch as houses and cars go up in smoke. It’s scary to watch so much land burn (tens of thousands of acres so far), not knowing which way the fire will go next. One fire jumped the 210 freeway and continued spreading in yet another area. Another fire was going east, west, east, north, south, west… constantly changing direction. How do you fight that? Voluntary evacuations become mandatory as neighborhoods are threatened… sometimes residents have only minutes to get out. What do you take? Some people living in the fire danger areas have evacuation plans in place. They keep their important records in an easy-to-grab-on-the-way-out place so all they have to worry about is family, pets and photos. Others have no plan. Some people leave immediately, realizing the danger they’re in; others stay and fight. With a garden hose. Doesn’t do much good, but they feel they need to at least try to save their home. What would we do in such a situation? We have no idea. We could say we’d do this or that, but when it came right down to it, there’s no telling what we’d do. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.