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a geocoin goes to angel stadium

A while back I posted a geocoin’s day at Dodger Stadium and, if you remember, the little guy wanted to go to major league baseball stadiums all across the United States. This past Wednesday he got to go to Angel Stadium.

I must say he was just as excited about visiting Angel Stadium as he was on his Dodger Stadium visit. These photos prove it:

First the little guy tried on the Angel ball cap; he’s just a wee bit too small to wear a size 649 1/2 cap.

Then he decided to sit on an Angel ball statue and sun himself (it was a beautiful day):

Then he saw Mickey Mouse and all bets were off… he was all over Mickey:

on his chest

on his nose

and on his hand

About this time he spotted the Angels car and he wouldn’t stop whining until we took him over to have his photo taken with it:

We had a great time with the little guy and we’re going to miss him when we drop him off in San Francisco.