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kitty garden room

The saga of our Kitty Garden Room (aka Kitty Clubhouse) has begun… sort of. I went out and took the ‘before’ photos today and gave more thought about what to plant around the outside to make the former dog kennel appealing (read: hide the chain link ‘walls’). Since the vegetation around the outside has to be safe for cats to nibble, the list of possible plants is limited. A session with Google should give me some to consider. I also looked around the yard a bit to maybe come up with some ideas for improvements. It’s been neglected and, with the exception of a few spots, looks very bad. The general idea is to have gravel/stepping stone walkways bordered with garden nooks filled with pretty desert plants and garden statuary, making the back yard a pleasant  to hang out. But that’s another project. Starting work on the Kitty Garden Room is Priority #1 this year. Our four-footed angels really need a place to relax in the fresh air and sunshine, even if only a few hours at a time. This will be a long process – I’m thinking about three years before it looks like I want it to. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all the work ahead.

I think I’ll go lay down and think about it some more.


Yes, it IS that bad. Oof, so much to do.