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pancho barnes’ last home

Boron, California… not exactly the place you’d expect to find the last home of a famous aviatrix, stunt pilot and friend of many of the most famous test pilots in American history, but it was where Pancho Barnes lived out her final days.

The house, at the corner of Anderson Street and Kern Avenue, is in very bad shape nowadays. People in the aviation field have talked about restoring it, but nothing has been done yet.

We didn’t go inside the house this time, but we most likely will in the future. Mike would love to see the inside, although we’ve heard it’s been trashed and is crumbling. It’s a sad ending to the life of a woman who would easily qualify as one of Reader’s Digest’s Most Unforgettable Characters. Mike and I both wish we’d been lucky enough to know her.

If you have the time, read about Pancho Barnes and watch the documentary film about her, The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club. She was a very interesting lady.