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cypress lawn cemetery

Cypress Lawn Cemetery is a spectacular cemetery located in Colma, California. Many industrial titans who lived in San Francisco are buried here, along with publishing giants and people who made this area (and the country in some cases) what it is today.

The entrance looks like the entrance to a medieval castle. The back gate continues the medieval theme:

In between these structures is a cemetery filled with monuments, crypts, mausoleums and graves that are so spectacular that very few people could afford them nowadays.

There are very old tombstones, some from as early as the 1800s…

Man’s best friend can be found in this cemetery, apparently waiting for his master.

Photographers use the beautiful, gothic atmosphere for photo shoots.

My favorite crypts are the ones buried in a small hill. The monument is on the top, the crypt is in the hillside.

Colma, known as “the city of the silent,” has 1.5 million residents underground in 17 cemeteries and about 1700 above ground… all in less than two square miles. Colma’s motto: “It’s great to be alive in Colma.”

christmas 2010: san francisco

Once in a while you have a Christmas that you’ll always remember for whatever reason. I’ve had several in my life and Christmas 2010 was one more to add to the list.

Christmas morning six of us headed up to San Francisco to spend the weekend with Jeff & Vanessa. Mike and I hit the road shortly before Steve, Karina, Leslie and Steven took off, and about six hours later we all arrived in San Francisco at almost the same time, even though we went different routes. Most of the trip was bright and sunny, but as we got close to SF we were hit with rain and several accidents. We made it unscathed, though.

This was the first time Jeff and Vanessa hosted Christmas and they pulled out all the stops. When we arrived, there was a long table elegantly set with appetizers… spinach dip (my favorite), bread, veggies, vegan chicken nuggets… all so yummy. The living room, having been turned into a dining room, was very welcoming. Until dinner was served, Jeff and Vanessa never stopped buzzing around – fixing food, providing drinks and making us feel at home.

While they worked we ooohed and aaaahed over their apartment. It’s gorgeous to begin with, but with candles and the decorations, including a wreath Vanessa made, it was downright charming.

Christmas dinner was vegan, which concerned us at first, but I figured they wouldn’t let us go hungry… and they didn’t. Chef Vanessa prepared a feast with the help of her sous chef, Jeff, that could rival ANY top restaurant, vegan or not. She told us she practiced and practiced and practiced the dishes she chose to make (her co-workers were happy to be her test subjects) and it definitely paid off. She even took my most-requested dish, a non-vegan yam casserole, and turned it into a perfect vegan replica (pictured at left). She’s amazing!

Here are the various things we had for dinner: (the “biscuits” in the upper left photo were puff pastry filled with a dressing & walnut mixture, which was extremely yummy)

Did we miss having turkey? Not at all.  That right there is amazing to me. We had such good company and good food that the day was perfect without what we thought always had to be the main part of the meal. Go figure.

Oops, almost forgot… we even had a fireplace to gather ’round. 🙂

Finally, after a very long day, Jeff and Vanessa got to relax.

Thank you, Jeff & Vanessa, for a wonderful Christmas!

san francisco

This past Tuesday and Wednesday we took a quick trip to San Franciscoblog - sf fwy sign to have dinner with our son, The Intrepid Traveler, and his wife, The Jersey Girl (also a world traveler). They’re both heading to Thailand for working vacations so we wanted to visit with them before they left.

The dinner, at Bobo’s, was also a combined belated birthday dinner for myself and Mr WS and, as always, it was wonderfThe World Traveler & The Jersey Girlul. Bagels for breakfast the next morning completed our visit. The kids took off for work and we wandered over to the Ferry Building to see if anything was open at 8 in the morning. A farmer’s market full of produce from local farmers was open and I ended up buying heirloom tomatoes, red pears and a jar of capers, all of which are organic. Outside the building we camblog - tomatoes, red pears & caperse upon a (seemingly) friendly seagull. I got within a foot of him, but didn’t press my luck and try to pet him even though I really wanted to. An hour later we were on our way back to the hotel to pack up and heaour seagull friendd home.

The trip home was the usual six hour drive through orchards, cotton fields, a very pungent cattle ranch and lots of barren hills.  A stop for pea soup for lunch was in order, followed by another stop where we fired up the GPS and discovered there was a geocache across the parking lot, so we grabbed it – #297 for us. A couple more stops for leg-stretching and… voila!… we’re back home. It’s always nice to be home.

The Intrepid Traveler left very early this morning for two weeks at Muay Thai training camp and The Jersey Girl leaves Thursday for a week working with rescued elephants. After their separate vacations they’ll spend a week enjoying the lush beauty of Thailand together. All the while Mr WS and I will be waiting for photos and updates about their trip. It’s great to live vicariously through our kids.

And now for some photos of our trip up Interstate 5 to San Francisco.

The Grapevine

gas station at lebec

chp giving ticket

cotton fields

cattle ranch - hold your breath

sf skylilne from bay bridge

sf skyline

sf building

chinatown building

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