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aussies, caches & del taco

Last Tuesday, April 24, we headed over to Barstow (an hour and a half drive) to attend a geocaching meet & greet and go to the original Del Taco in Yermo. Also on my to-do list was visiting another Del Taco in Lenwood, just south of Barstow, that is owned by the man who started Del Taco.

The original Del Taco is now Tita’s Burger Den. The original Del Taco sign is intact and I don’t think anything else has changed, either, except the menu.

~ Lookit, Stevie! The original Del Taco! ~

Forty years ago I discovered Del Taco while living in Anaheim, California. The only thing was, the closest Del Taco at that time was in Costa Mesa… 20-30 minutes away. But that never stopped me from grabbing my little brother (that would be Stevie), who was 7 at the time, and heading on over there for a Del Beef Burrito whenever a craving hit.

A few years later we moved to Hawthorne. Now it was a two hour drive.  Of course, that didn’t deter me and Steve from cruising down to Costa Mesa once in a while. It wasn’t long until we had a Del Taco nearby, but it just wasn’t the same.

The original Del Taco owner, after selling the Del Taco chain, decided to open his own Del Taco in Lenwood (above). I was hoping to meet the owner, but he only comes in on weekends. <insert boo-boo face>

After visiting the two Del Tacos, we grabbed a couple of caches, stopped at two post offices and visited a nice NYFD memorial in Barstow before heading over to the meet and greet.

Now, meet our hosts at the Aussie’s on Route 66 (GC3CBTV) meet & greet:

Thanks to Warren, Ralph & Paul (Sol de Lune, Albida33 and Mtrax), geocachers from Australia, we went to to an area we hadn’t been before, met lots of cachers we’d never met and visited with one that came to our event last January. We had a great time.

p.s. We also got a date stamp at the Barstow post office. Yermo closed at 4:30 so that one will have to wait for our next trip to Barstow Las Vegas. If we hadn’t chatted with two nice young men at the Burger Den (the owner’s son and an Army pilot) for so long, we might have gotten to the Yermo post office before it closed.

11-11-11 flash mob

11-11-11 comes only once a century, so when we spotted an event cache for that day we decided to go. The event was 11-11-11 Flash Mob and was held on a street corner in Los Angeles. We met at 11:11 a.m. at 11111 Olympic Boulevard for 11 minutes of geocaching chit-chat. Most of us stayed closer to 20 minutes, even though time was called when the event was officially over. It’s hard to leave when you’re having a great time visiting with fellow cachers.

note the date on the billboard:

our first caching event

January 14 was a beautiful day. Not only was the day bright, sunny and mild, but our first geocaching meet & greet event, NEW YORK! LONDON! PARIS! …mojave? (GC37377), went off without a hitch.

Altogether, 44 people showed up at the Old Desert Cafe in Mojave to get together with old caching friends, meet new geocachers, talk about geocaching, tell stories of geocaches found, eat good food, win raffle prizes and find seven new caches placed for the event.

I think everyone had a great time and we were very happy with such a good turnout for our first event.

Seeing Red?

Last week we took a drive down to Acton to switch out the container for our cache,  GC1MTRN – On the Road To Shambala, and while we were there we went a couple of miles further down the road to find GC1532Z – Seeing Red?.

Here’s the new cache container for our cache:

And here’s why the cache down the road is named Seeing Red? :

Pretty neat, huh? This is a storage yard for fire trucks from Los Angeles County that have been retired from service… and quite an awesome sight.

san francisco

This past Tuesday and Wednesday we took a quick trip to San Franciscoblog - sf fwy sign to have dinner with our son, The Intrepid Traveler, and his wife, The Jersey Girl (also a world traveler). They’re both heading to Thailand for working vacations so we wanted to visit with them before they left.

The dinner, at Bobo’s, was also a combined belated birthday dinner for myself and Mr WS and, as always, it was wonderfThe World Traveler & The Jersey Girlul. Bagels for breakfast the next morning completed our visit. The kids took off for work and we wandered over to the Ferry Building to see if anything was open at 8 in the morning. A farmer’s market full of produce from local farmers was open and I ended up buying heirloom tomatoes, red pears and a jar of capers, all of which are organic. Outside the building we camblog - tomatoes, red pears & caperse upon a (seemingly) friendly seagull. I got within a foot of him, but didn’t press my luck and try to pet him even though I really wanted to. An hour later we were on our way back to the hotel to pack up and heaour seagull friendd home.

The trip home was the usual six hour drive through orchards, cotton fields, a very pungent cattle ranch and lots of barren hills.  A stop for pea soup for lunch was in order, followed by another stop where we fired up the GPS and discovered there was a geocache across the parking lot, so we grabbed it – #297 for us. A couple more stops for leg-stretching and… voila!… we’re back home. It’s always nice to be home.

The Intrepid Traveler left very early this morning for two weeks at Muay Thai training camp and The Jersey Girl leaves Thursday for a week working with rescued elephants. After their separate vacations they’ll spend a week enjoying the lush beauty of Thailand together. All the while Mr WS and I will be waiting for photos and updates about their trip. It’s great to live vicariously through our kids.

And now for some photos of our trip up Interstate 5 to San Francisco.

The Grapevine

gas station at lebec

chp giving ticket

cotton fields

cattle ranch - hold your breath

sf skylilne from bay bridge

sf skyline

sf building

chinatown building

Farm Fresh to You

acton and a geocache

Mike and I took a little ride to Acton to check on our On The Road To Shambala cache and to drop off a new travel bug, Komodo Dragon. The recent Station Fire had come close enough to cause evacuation of Shambala, so we wanted to see what the area looked like and see if the fire had gotten near our cache. Not even close. Everything was fine.

This is the cache site. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

acton - cache site

There’s a cache in there somewhere…

mr ws at shambala cache

And here’s the cache with Komodo Dragon ready to start his travels from cache to cache. Happy journey, KD!

komodo dragon tb in shambala cache

Now for a few photos of the more rural part of Acton…

coming into acton

acton area

acton train