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Maxwell is one of our cats – a very handsome fellow, as you can see by this photo:

But then, there’s this photo:

Not very nice, Max!

And then there’s this last photo, which is how we normally see Max:

it was 30 years ago today…

Mike and I were married. February 21, 1981. It’s been a great 30 years and we’re looking forward to many, many more.

(If you’re hearing “It was 30 years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play…” in your head right now, join the crowd. So am I… for the last three hours! arghhh)

peek-a-boo kitty

Here’s Ihop in her basket:


animal acres

Last September (yes, I know it took a while to finish this and get it posted) we went to Animal Acres for a tour of the facility in Acton that houses rescued farmed animals. “We” is me, Mike, Jeff, Vanessa, Steve, Karina, Leslie and Steven… our whole little family.

We were greeted by chickens, roosters and turkeys. The one on the left is possibly Heather, the chicken Jeff & Vanessa adopted as a birthday gift for me (there are two chickens that look almost identical, but I decided this must be Heather since she came over to me).

We lucked out the day we went… Animal Acres had recently rescued a calf and it was his feeding time while we were there. He’s the cutest little thing you ever saw!

This guy looked like he’d had enough of people for a while.

I was sure this adorable donkey wanted me to pet him, but was warned that he liked to bite. Sorry, sweetie, you’ll have to nip at someone else.

This little piggie was hungry…

this little piggie was hot and trying to cool off. (It was over 100 degrees the day we went.)

This handsome fellow just wanted someone to talk to him. We obliged.

So there’s our tour of Animal Acres in a nutshell. Despite the heat, it was a fun and informative tour, which we all enjoyed.

happy 100th birthday, president reagan

I never had the good fortune to personally take photos of Ronald Reagan, but we’ve visited the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California a few times, and here are some of the photos we took on those visits.

This piece of the Berlin Wall was given to President Reagan by the Berlin Wall Commemorative Group for his dedication to freedom for all.

President Reagan’s final resting place:

Some photos from inside the library…

Lt. Ronald Reagan’s Cavalry uniform & saddle:

This is Nancy & Ronald’s booth from Chasen’s restaurant (it was always reserved for them). He proposed to her while sitting in this booth at Chasen’s.

The Oval Office was duplicated exactly for the Reagan Library.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Reagan!

our first food truck visit


Canter’s Delicatessen

* * * * *

We were patiently waiting for the truck to open…

when into the driveway comes ANOTHER food truck…

Ride or Fry


We ordered from Canter’s since that’s what we’d come for. I had bought a perk from Urban Daddy for an Uber Reuben sandwich with truffle oil mustard and gruyere cheese (and a side of off-menu fries), so I checked the schedules for the Canter’s truck and we went down to Burbank and found it. We’ve been going to Canter’s (the restaurant) in the Fairfax district for 30+ years, so it was only logical (to me anyway) to GET THIS PERK, go find the Canter’s truck and enjoy a decadent version of their wonderful Reuben sandwich… and it truly was a very tasty sandwich.


Here’s the facebook notification of place and time for the Canter’s food truck:


Wednesday, February 2 at 12:00pm at 2900 W Alameda, Burbank, CA
Canter’s Truck will be in Burbank for lunch Wednesday at 2900 W Alameda from 12-2p. Menu:

christmas 2010: san francisco

Once in a while you have a Christmas that you’ll always remember for whatever reason. I’ve had several in my life and Christmas 2010 was one more to add to the list.

Christmas morning six of us headed up to San Francisco to spend the weekend with Jeff & Vanessa. Mike and I hit the road shortly before Steve, Karina, Leslie and Steven took off, and about six hours later we all arrived in San Francisco at almost the same time, even though we went different routes. Most of the trip was bright and sunny, but as we got close to SF we were hit with rain and several accidents. We made it unscathed, though.

This was the first time Jeff and Vanessa hosted Christmas and they pulled out all the stops. When we arrived, there was a long table elegantly set with appetizers… spinach dip (my favorite), bread, veggies, vegan chicken nuggets… all so yummy. The living room, having been turned into a dining room, was very welcoming. Until dinner was served, Jeff and Vanessa never stopped buzzing around – fixing food, providing drinks and making us feel at home.

While they worked we ooohed and aaaahed over their apartment. It’s gorgeous to begin with, but with candles and the decorations, including a wreath Vanessa made, it was downright charming.

Christmas dinner was vegan, which concerned us at first, but I figured they wouldn’t let us go hungry… and they didn’t. Chef Vanessa prepared a feast with the help of her sous chef, Jeff, that could rival ANY top restaurant, vegan or not. She told us she practiced and practiced and practiced the dishes she chose to make (her co-workers were happy to be her test subjects) and it definitely paid off. She even took my most-requested dish, a non-vegan yam casserole, and turned it into a perfect vegan replica (pictured at left). She’s amazing!

Here are the various things we had for dinner: (the “biscuits” in the upper left photo were puff pastry filled with a dressing & walnut mixture, which was extremely yummy)

Did we miss having turkey? Not at all.  That right there is amazing to me. We had such good company and good food that the day was perfect without what we thought always had to be the main part of the meal. Go figure.

Oops, almost forgot… we even had a fireplace to gather ’round. 🙂

Finally, after a very long day, Jeff and Vanessa got to relax.

Thank you, Jeff & Vanessa, for a wonderful Christmas!