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gifts from thailand & vietnam

We got a package yesterday from Jeff & Vanessa that was full of gifts from Thailand and Vietnam!

I (the dishaholic) got  two beautiful bowls, a blue wooden one made by the Hmong tribe in northern Vietnam and a blue & white ceramic bowl made by a disabled person through the Reaching Out program in Hoi An, Vietnam. The bowl is the second handmade Hmong item that I have. Years ago I bought a little lizard, made by a Hmong woman, that was being sold at the Peace Corps Convention for Returned Volunteers in Chicago. Makes me want to watch Gran Torino again (for the umpteenth time). I saved the notes about the origin of each of my bowls and the newspaper they were wrapped in.

Mike got an elephant t-shirt from the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where Jeff & Vanessa have both volunteered.

There were also gifts for Steve, Karina, Leslie and Steven in the package. Steve got a bird-on-a-wire t-shirt, Karina got a purse made by the Hmong tribe, Leslie got a bracelet made by the Hmong tribe and Steven got a Technics t-shirt. It was like Christmas all over again… in January.

And, of course, the stamps on the package were a gift in themselves. I saved them (did anyone think I wouldn’t?), along with the postal receipt.

Then… the box became a new toy for Max.

Looks like Max is checking to see if it’s addressed to him. Later on Alma took a turn poking around the box, but I didn’t get a photo before she wandered off. Happy day for everyone.

I doubt that any package – contents as well as the package itself – has been enjoyed more.

One last thing….

Steve gets into trouble even when he’s in his own house. Don’t know what we’re going to do with him.

poor max

Poor Max

One week ago today we took Maxwell to the vet because he had a bad tooth. The vet looked at his teeth and said she was sure there were two bad teeth that would need to come out. Poor Max.

Three and a half hours later we got a call from the vet. She had to pull 20 teeth. Twenty!


Silence on my part. (I was having a hard time comprehending 20 teeth being pulled all at once. Ouch! It wasn’t computing.)


Vet: “Are you there?”

Me: “Twenty teeth? How many teeth does a cat have?!?!!”

Vet: “Max still has four teeth left… his canines.”

Me: “Poor Max.”

Vet: “He’ll be fine. A lot of cats have to have all their teeth pulled and they do just fine.”

Well, she’s been right so far. Max has done just fine. He’s had a couple of bad days – the day his pain medication was finished for one. He didn’t yowl very much, just enough to make us feel really sorry for him and spoil him a little bit. Ok, a lot. He’s loving all the attention.

He’s also enjoying the canned food that he loves and doesn’t get very often. The other cats were jealous so we had to get some canned food for them, too. Ours is a happy household right now.

How did Max end up with 20 bad teeth? Actually, what happened was the bone was crumbling and his teeth were loose, causing him pain. It would only get worse in the future so the teeth had to come out. He did indeed have only two bad teeth. Now we have to hope that his last four don’t go bad.

See? Max is fine. Drugged up and still drooling, but fine. This photo was taken shortly after he came home. Today he’s almost his normal self, which actually looks a lot like he looks here, minus the drool.


Maxwell is one of our cats – a very handsome fellow, as you can see by this photo:

But then, there’s this photo:

Not very nice, Max!

And then there’s this last photo, which is how we normally see Max:

peek-a-boo kitty

Here’s Ihop in her basket:


wheat grass

Most cats love wheat grass and ours are no exception. I haven’t grown any grass for them for a while now, so a few weeks ago I ordered several bags and 5 days ago I planted some. Today it was ready for munching (it grows very fast)… and the cats were certainly happy to see it!

Almost as soon as I set it out Dubeau started chowing down. When he was through nibbling the tender shoots, I moved it in front of the kitty cabin and in no time we had a cat convention converging on the pot of grass. yummm

More seeds were started yesterday and four more pots will be planted tomorrow. The cats will be ecstatic and a little healthier, and we’ll be happier knowing that they’re happy.

All’s well in our little world.