hawaii 2012 – scenery

This is one of multiple posts of our trip to Oahu, Hawaii October 20-22, 2012.

There aren’t many photos that I can post that haven’t been taken millions of times by millions of other folks, but these photos are special because they were taken by me and Mike (mostly Mike).

First of all, the view from our room at the Ala Moana Hotel:I was so happy to be back in Hawaii that I didn’t even notice the dark clouds until I saw the photos.

How about some palm trees swaying in the breeze? Here you go…

A rainbow greeted us on our first day there.

And then a little later (drum roll, please)…

A double rainbow!

Now, photos in no particular order.

One response to “hawaii 2012 – scenery

  1. Hi Kathy and Mike, Wow!
    Hawaii is such a beautiful place, I was lucky enough to go there when i worked for Lockheed years ago, then recently my son Ryan go married in May.
    I just cant believe the sky deep blue and the clear air, wish I was there right now.
    I talked with my bother Larry and he is excited to meet you guys. We have the holidays gaining on us here and some time commitments, but let us get back to you and see what may work for you guys to. You guys are fun to know. Take care OK, Les Cobb

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