first lunch in the new decade

The new decade in question is, of course, my 60s. I still can’t believe I’m 60 years old, especially since my mind keeps telling me I’m 22. Or maybe 42. But NOT 60. Doesn’t that just sound so old?

Well… anyway… Steve, Karina and the kids joined us at Tokyo Steak House for a fun lunch yesterday: sushi for me, Steven and Karina; chicken & steak for Leslie, teriyaki beef for Mike and yakisoba for Steve.

Steve was busy taking photos of all of us, so here’s one of him so he wouldn’t be left out. (That’s Karina chowing down on her tempura shrimp roll.)

Steve was quick to point out that he and I are TWO decades apart now. BUT! In just two short years he’ll once again be only one decade younger than me. When that happens, instead of thinking he got OLD, I’ll look at it that I must have gotten a wee bit younger. In the meantime, though…

Where’s my shawl? And my rocker! Would someone please bring me a hot toddy?

2 responses to “first lunch in the new decade

  1. Happy birthday!!! 😉 Sorry I missed it whilst on my sabbatical!!!
    Looking good by the way…x

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Wish we could have been there! We’ll celebrate again when we finally get out there 🙂

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