my new car

Ha! Not really.

The carnival loaned one of their new Smart Cars to the office employees to use for errands, which is also a great way for them to advertise since it’s covered with their name. I just happened to be going to pick up supplies, so I decided to give it a try. It’s a teeny-tiny car, but very comfortable in the cabin (lots of leg room, believe it or not) to the point one tends to forget just how small the car is once inside it. Each time I got out of it and looked back, I couldn’t help but think, “I was in THAT?” Yes, indeed, I was in THAT. Actually, it’s not much smaller than my Fiat X1/9 was and the Fiat wasn’t as tall. Fortunately, it has a good air conditioner that kept me cool in our 104 degree heat and a decent radio to play all my classic rock favorites.

It’s also a major attention-grabber. Almost everyone I drove past looked at it (lots of double-takes!) and then smiled. I smiled the whole time I was driving it just thinking how bright and cheerful it was… and how small it was and how funny I must look in it. Hilarious thought… I wonder how many people thought I might be a clown at the carnival? If I only had a clown nose…

And there’s more! The cute little orange car has a sibling. Now I ask you, what’s cuter than a teeny-tiny, bright orange car? Two teeny-tiny cars, one bright orange and the other a happy blue!


3 responses to “my new car

  1. 40 is the new 13

    Yes, looks a little like twenty clowns should climb out of it. But you really liked driving it? It’s definitely an attention getter. Love the photos, made me smile. And thanks for the follow!

  2. wanderingseniors

    NO! Every time it shifts it feels like it died (I thought it was about to run out of gas until I realized it was shifting) and it’s way too tiny. I’d never, ever drive it on the freeway or a busy street. If anyone even bumps the car it would probably turn into an accordion. It was fun the three times I drove it, but it was on the back road from the fairgrounds to Staples (by the movie theaters) and on the road near the fairgrounds; low to moderate traffic. JC’s about the smallest car that I want to drive.

  3. Time for a smart car of your own?

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