filling the boot

Today we were out and about shopping and came across an intersection populated with firemen on every corner, as well as on the medians of the two streets. Three or four fire trucks were parked on the corners, along with a paramedics truck . At first we thought something major had happened (even though they were just standing around), but as we drove past one of the firemen I spotted him holding a fireman’s boot and I knew what was going on.

Fill the Boot.

Yep, firemen were collecting money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association as they’ve done since 1954. Fill the Boot drives are the primary means by which the International Association of Fire Fighters has raised nearly $321 million for MDA since 1954. Pretty impressive.

Mike helped Fill the Boot of the fireman pictured above, as did I, and then Mike also filled a boot on one of the corners. It took a few u-turns to accomplish this boot filling, but we were having a good time and enjoyed doing a good deed.

You’re welcome!


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