back to basics

For oh-so-many years (at least 20) I have wanted a clothesline in the back yard so we could have sweet-smelling, sun-kissed clothes like we had when I was a kid. True, dryers are much easier and quicker, but I’m feeling nostalgic for the good old days and wanting to live a little bit slower pace.  And save some money and resources in the process.

I couldn’t find a good spot in the yard where a clothesline would be accessible and not in the way at other times, so I came up with a solution. Drying racks. I am now the proud owner of three of them.

The one on the right is my favorite. It looks like a big wind chime when it’s folded up and a 12-blade helicopter propeller when it’s set up (until the clothes are hung on it). Mike says it looks like a Gatlin gun when it’s folded up. The third rack is a little smaller than the one on the left. All three are very light, easy to set up and take down and they don’t take up much space when stored.

It’s back to the ’50s and ’60s for me!


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