Titanic remembered through geocaching

Yesterday a blogging friend, Al from Thoughts of Houdini, posted about this year being the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, and that jogged my memory about a virtual cache we found in Hawaii a few years ago, GC584A – That Sinking Feeling.

Lucy Parrish was a survivor of the Titanic disaster. When she died in 1930 she was buried in Oahu Cemetery in Honolulu. See that white square in the upper corner of her headstone? Someone named Michael B. Romero placed that on her headstone. I’ve googled him several times to find out who he is and why he did that, but have never found anything. Geocaching quite often takes us places we would have never known existed (this beautiful cemetery being one of them) and shows us things we would have never known about (such as this memorial plaque for Lucy Parrish… or even her grave). Click on the photo below for a larger, clearer image of the plaque.

Mike, being a history buff, was very excited by this find and he stills mentions it from time to time. I’m not much for history, but even I was excited about it.

A few months ago I discovered a beautiful Titanic geocoin that I knew HAD to be in our collection, and it’s always a hit at geocaching meet & greet events. Here’s our gorgeous geocoin, made by geocacher mo pirate in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster:

If any geocachers see this post and want to discover this beautiful geocoin, please do. I left the number visible on purpose because it has its own logo, like the photo on the right.

more information:



2 responses to “Titanic remembered through geocaching

  1. I find it bit bizarre that someone has attached there own little plaque to an existing gravestone – although I must admit, it would be interesting to read as I walked around that Lucy Parrish wasn’t just a mother, but also a Titanic survivor.

    So, have I got this right? You own that Titanic coin and it is now hidden away somewhere with co-ordinates for other people to find? Do people always place it back though so that others can continue to find it?

    There are geocache boxes near where I live – I have seen one – and also when I’ve typed in my postcode at the site a load of things have come up. I joined out of interest, but only as a free member, so I can’t see the majority of things anyhow.

    Thanks for the shout -out 😉 x

    • wanderingseniors

      Originally, someone said the little white plaque was from a group of Titanic buffs, but I couldn’t find anything on that, and Michael Romero can’t be found, so I guess we’ll never know why or when it was placed on Lucy’s headstone. I think it’s cool that it’s there, though.

      I’m happy to hear you found a cache! Did you enjoy the hunt? Our caching name is Desert Kat & Catdaddy if you want to look us up.

      Check out the virtual caches, the ones with a little ghost icon. They’re the best for taking you somewhere you’ve probably never been before and they usually give a nice history of the place/thing also.

      The Titanic geocoin is in our private collection, with about 100 other geocoins; it only goes to meet & greets to be discovered by other cachers. We used to send out geocoins, but stopped after losing too many of them. Some cachers send out a proxy card of their geocoin, a photo with the numbers and info on it, but we’re not fans of those and we don’t do that with ours.

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