postcard from bali, indonesia

This is the third postcard we’ve received from Jeff  & Vanessa while on their 6-month odyssey through Asia.

5 responses to “postcard from bali, indonesia

  1. Hi, I love your postcards and was hoping to modify one to use as a contact form. I’m living in Ubud at the moment so it helps to add that local feel 🙂
    You can check out what I mean at
    Happy to share the code in return if you like it too.
    Hope you’re still having great adventures!

    • wanderingseniors

      I don’t know about code and such, but thank you for the offer. I like how you fixed the postcard for comments. Very nice.

  2. True, the computer robs us of that lovely feel of paper .. i love receiving letters and cards in the mail .. very special!

  3. wanderingseniors

    I agree. No postage stamp to gaze at, no date stamp with the location and sometimes a little logo, no handwritten message. We lose a lot by using the computer for everything, although photos taken and sent immediately are good, too. Combine them both and you’ve got it all. 🙂

  4. I love receiving postcards – although it almost appears dated now, what with the world of technology we live in. You can take your own photograph of the view from your hotel room and text that to people in seconds instead! Something is lost though somehow…x

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