11-11-11 flash mob

11-11-11 comes only once a century, so when we spotted an event cache for that day we decided to go. The event was 11-11-11 Flash Mob and was held on a street corner in Los Angeles. We met at 11:11 a.m. at 11111 Olympic Boulevard for 11 minutes of geocaching chit-chat. Most of us stayed closer to 20 minutes, even though time was called when the event was officially over. It’s hard to leave when you’re having a great time visiting with fellow cachers.

note the date on the billboard:

2 responses to “11-11-11 flash mob

  1. wanderingseniors

    I bet you’ve got DOZENS of caches near you. We’re in the middle of the desert and there are THOUSANDS of caches all over the place. We’ve even placed 16 caches of our own out there. Almost any place you can name has caches. One of our travel bugs (an item with a trackable number that travels from cache to cache), Jeff the Tiger, traveled to England and visited lots of wonderful places, each one the location of a cache. They included castles, pubs, fields… everywhere. It’s such a fun activity that quite often takes you places you didn’t even know existed (even in your own back yard sometimes). You’ve got so much going on, but I’m sure you could squeeze in a cache every now and then. Let me know when you sign up. 🙂

  2. Do you know, I still don’t know very much about geo-caching. we live next to a country lane – I bet you any money there’s probably something down there!!!! I plan to investigate – hope you & yours are well xx

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