Monthly Archives: February 2012

postcard from bali, indonesia

This is the third postcard we’ve received from Jeff  & Vanessa while on their 6-month odyssey through Asia.

roy’s flags

While going through mom & Roy’s things a while back, I discovered two flags from his military days in Irumagawa, Japan. The flags are made of silk and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy he kept them. Roy would never talk about his military days so I had no idea he had these until after he was gone. I would have loved to hear his stories.

Roy E. Robinson - 1719th Signal Service Company Wing, Irumagawa, Japan

Commemorate Landing Japan flag

11-11-11 flash mob

11-11-11 comes only once a century, so when we spotted an event cache for that day we decided to go. The event was 11-11-11 Flash Mob and was held on a street corner in Los Angeles. We met at 11:11 a.m. at 11111 Olympic Boulevard for 11 minutes of geocaching chit-chat. Most of us stayed closer to 20 minutes, even though time was called when the event was officially over. It’s hard to leave when you’re having a great time visiting with fellow cachers.

note the date on the billboard:

our first caching event

January 14 was a beautiful day. Not only was the day bright, sunny and mild, but our first geocaching meet & greet event, NEW YORK! LONDON! PARIS! …mojave? (GC37377), went off without a hitch.

Altogether, 44 people showed up at the Old Desert Cafe in Mojave to get together with old caching friends, meet new geocachers, talk about geocaching, tell stories of geocaches found, eat good food, win raffle prizes and find seven new caches placed for the event.

I think everyone had a great time and we were very happy with such a good turnout for our first event.