thunder on the lot

Thunder on the Lot is an annual fundraising event for kid’s charities in our area.

That’s the official word.

In reality, it’s a car/music/beer fest attended by people from all walks of life (and I DO mean ALL walks of life)… it’s the best all-around event we have in our town, and my favorite.

This year we wandered over to the fairgrounds on Sunday morning to check out the classic cars. Saturday – when there is a concert and the event runs into the night – is the better day for people watching (there are always lots of very, ummm, interesting people to keep us entertained), but we didn’t go yesterday, so no photos of those folks until next year. There were a few worthy-of-being-watched individuals there today, but Sunday is the day you want to go to drool over all the gorgeous classic cars, which we did. I like the old Camaros (I had a ’69 Camaro RS back in the day) and Mike likes to look at all the vehicles, cars and trucks alike.

His favorite this year was this car, with a Bob’s Big Boy menu in the front window and a Big Boy doll in the back window:

The next vehicle would have to be the most unique one there this year. It’s hard to see, but the yellow sign on the back says ARMED RESPONSE.

It was a great way to spend an early Sunday morning and we’re already looking forward to next year.


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