animal acres

Last September (yes, I know it took a while to finish this and get it posted) we went to Animal Acres for a tour of the facility in Acton that houses rescued farmed animals. “We” is me, Mike, Jeff, Vanessa, Steve, Karina, Leslie and Steven… our whole little family.

We were greeted by chickens, roosters and turkeys. The one on the left is possibly Heather, the chicken Jeff & Vanessa adopted as a birthday gift for me (there are two chickens that look almost identical, but I decided this must be Heather since she came over to me).

We lucked out the day we went… Animal Acres had recently rescued a calf and it was his feeding time while we were there. He’s the cutest little thing you ever saw!

This guy looked like he’d had enough of people for a while.

I was sure this adorable donkey wanted me to pet him, but was warned that he liked to bite. Sorry, sweetie, you’ll have to nip at someone else.

This little piggie was hungry…

this little piggie was hot and trying to cool off. (It was over 100 degrees the day we went.)

This handsome fellow just wanted someone to talk to him. We obliged.

So there’s our tour of Animal Acres in a nutshell. Despite the heat, it was a fun and informative tour, which we all enjoyed.

4 responses to “animal acres

  1. Awww looks like you had an awesome time. Beautiful pics too – love those pigs!

  2. wanderingseniors

    Dad was just saying earlier today that we should go back on one of these perfect days we’ve been having (not too hot or too cold). He’s off in March sometime, so maybe that’ll be the Sunday we can go. I’ll let you know when and maybe you can come down and go with us. I bet that little calf is BIG now!

  3. Let me know when we’re going back 🙂

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