ziggy’s snow day

We (the human part of our family) had a beautiful snow day yesterday… but our dog, Ziggy, had a GREAT! FUN! EXCITING! snow day.

He loves and seems to be fascinated by snow. Normally, he goes outside and wants to come right back in, but when it snows… good luck getting him back inside for a while. In the photo below he’s been outside for about 10 minutes and is ignoring me as I’m calling to him.

He patrols the yard, which is a whole new territory when it’s covered in snow. I’m thinking he has to be freezing, but he seems to be just fine.

Aha!  He finally looks up! I’m sure he’s thinking, “Why doesn’t she just leave me alone?” Normally I’m trying to get him to go outside in the warm sunshine, now I’m bugging him to come back in. Undoubtedly, he wants me to make up my mind at this point.

Finally, the woolly mammoth (doesn’t he truly look like one?) starts heading back in. Good boy!

“Awww, gee Mom, I was just having a good time.”

I’m happy now. My Ziggers is warm. And, yes, he went outside several more times during the day to play in the snow, but never long enough to get too cold. After all, he IS a California dog. 😉

I leave you now with Ziggy (aka dog) tracks in the snow.



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