This morning, just before I woke up, I was dreaming I was walking down a narrow sidewalk between two buildings and I could hear tap-tap-tapping as I walked. A moment later I woke up.

I had been dreaming of our house in Manhattan Beach. The sidewalk ran the length of our cute little beach house that we rented and the tap-tap-tapping was the old man who lived next door, diligently typing away on his typewriter.  I worked nights, getting home about 3 a.m., and he was almost always busy tap-tap-tapping when I arrived. I don’t know what he was writing (perhaps he was a famous author and I never knew it?), but the tap-tap-tapping became a comforting sound at 3 a.m.

When I woke up, my first thought was that life was so much simpler back then. The vision of a typewriter sitting on a table appeared side-by-side with a vision of my desk with all its cords, USB hubs, external drive, printer, router, etc. Think about it. A typewriter could be packed up in about 60 seconds and put away in a closet. No cords. No peripheral equipment. It was even its own printer. Just secure it to the base of its case, close the lid and it’s a done deal. Desk or table is clear. A desk with a computer on it? Enough said.

Most of the time I appreciate the advantages of modern technology and what it adds to my life, but there are times when I long for days gone by and some very simple tap-tap-tapping.


2 responses to “tap-tap-tapping

  1. I’ve spent many hours tap tapping on a manual typewriter, and I distinctly remember re-typing entire pages because the last part of a footnote would not fit. I LOVE the computer!

    However, when I turn on the computer and the expected screen does not show up, replaced with ominous wording telling me that something is wrong, well, then I don’t love the computer.

    It’s easy to look back and wish we were there, but we are products of our own time and place, with all the advantages and disadvantages attendant. It is is challenge keeping things simple, and yet it is so worth doing, as the tone of your blog makes clear.

    I like your writing and your attitude — very upbeat, crisp, clean, and friendly. Your name — Wandering Seniors — is engaging and attractive. I hope that you and your wandering partner continue to walk and savor life.

    Best to you.

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