a nasa plane in the backyard

Ok, so it wasn’t quite in the backyard, but pretty darn close. Mr WS and I were sitting in the backyard watching the first cat visit the Kitty Garden Room when I heard a very loud noise that sounded like a very large airplane. I turned around and a NASA plane was RIGHT THERE. It was flying very low and it flew RIGHT OVER our house, with a little chase jet accompanying it. Since I had my camera in my hand (taking kitty’s-first-visit photos) I got a few shots. Boy, you just never know what you’ll see in our little valley. Check this out:

Pretty cool, huh? It was most likely heading for the NASA facility a few miles from us. We see lots of different airplanes and jets all the time and never get tired of them. Once in a while one flies over our house, but I never have a camera handy. Today I did. Yeehaw!


7 responses to “a nasa plane in the backyard

  1. That’s — excuse my English, please — just a whole load of awesome! In the two years I’ve lived where I do, we’ve had two fighter jet fly-overs. Never saw either of them, just heard the pressing roar after they’d already gone.

    • wanderingseniors

      That roar is very exciting for us. We run outside whenever we hear it to see what kind of jet is flying. I like your phrase ‘a whole load of awesome.’ Never heard that before.

  2. those photos are insane! don’t you just love planes? and those two shots are really quite good.

    • wanderingseniors

      Thank you, Katie. I’ve been following your blog for a while; great blog. I saw the photos of your dogs and was hooked. Keep those shots coming. 🙂

  3. WOW impressive! Although I’m glad I don’t have lots of planes flying over my house…x

    • wanderingseniors

      We don’t have many planes flying directly over our house, but when they do we enjoy them since they’re always some sort of special military/experimental/unusual plane or jet. Stealth Bombers, Stealth Fighters, B-2 Bombers, cute little jets, even the Space Shuttle on one very rare occasion… they’re all welcome in the airspace above our house. I just wish I could get photos of them more often. I used to think I didn’t want them in MY neighborhood, but quickly changed my mind. It’s just so exciting to see them. If they were commercial planes I’d be fighting mad, but who can get upset if a Stealth Bomber decides to do a fly-by? 🙂

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