hollywood forever

Hollywood Forever is a very old cemetery in Los Angeles that we love. There are a lot of celebrities buried there (Johnny Ramone, Tyrone Power, Mel Blanc, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino – to name a few), but their graves are just a bonus, as we enjoy the old headstones, crypts (little houses) and the statues the most. Oh yeah, and the ducks, geese, swans and peacocks. Critters are always a bonus. Hope you enjoy the photo tour.

Time to go now. Thank you for stopping by.


3 responses to “hollywood forever

  1. Oh yes I’ve got tons of photos from the European cemetries. The ones I posted recently on my blog of snow angels, were pictures I’d taken in the cemetry across the road from where I live. x

  2. Awww wow – how gorgeous that all those animals are roaming around.

    Beautiful cemetry too. Whenever I go to big cities I love looking around the cemetries – but most people can’t understand my fascination! It’s not macabre in anyway – I just love seeing the beautiful monuments and people’s final resting places.

    When I was in Paris I went to Pere Lachaise and saw where Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Maria Callas, amongst others, were laid to rest.

    When I went to Vienna I visited Zentral Friedhof and saw where all the great composers were buried including Beethoven and Brahms – as well as other famous people like Falco.

    There’s something very peaceful about going somewhere like that – and some of those tombs are breathtaking!

    Thanks for sharing x

    • wanderingseniors

      I get questions all the time, mostly about why I’d want to go wandering around cemeteries. I wish I could go to cemeteries in Europe. Perhaps one day… Do you have photos of the cemeteries you went to? I remember the angel photos you posted that were from a cemetery. They were very nice.

      It seems like most well-kept cemeteries have ducks, geese and other birds. Makes it fun for kids (of all ages!) to visit.

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