wheat grass

Most cats love wheat grass and ours are no exception. I haven’t grown any grass for them for a while now, so a few weeks ago I ordered several bags and 5 days ago I planted some. Today it was ready for munching (it grows very fast)… and the cats were certainly happy to see it!

Almost as soon as I set it out Dubeau started chowing down. When he was through nibbling the tender shoots, I moved it in front of the kitty cabin and in no time we had a cat convention converging on the pot of grass. yummm

More seeds were started yesterday and four more pots will be planted tomorrow. The cats will be ecstatic and a little healthier, and we’ll be happier knowing that they’re happy.

All’s well in our little world.


One response to “wheat grass

  1. Cute cats! Just wanted to say yes of course you can join the flickr group for the swap. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes either! A lavender bag is just a little fabric bag of dried lavender that you put in your underwear drawer or wardrobe to make it smell nice. x

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