hermosa beach

I had the flu Halloween weekend (not very bad, thank goodness), Mr WS has been sick for over a week (a cold) and this past weekend I came down with a cold. Nothing’s been posted for over a week and a half because I just haven’t felt like it and, besides, we haven’t done anything or been anywhere. So, I decided I’d dig into some photos from my old website to share.

The beach cities are our favorite places to visit, so how about some photos of Hermosa Beach? Manhattan and Redondo beaches can wait for another day. These photos are anywhere from a couple to several years old so the quality isn’t that great, but I figure ANY photo of a beachy area is good.

Hermosa Beach strand

First of all, the Hermosa Beach strand. Ahhh, can't you just feel the warm sunshine and smell the fresh ocean air?

Hermosa Beach strand

It seems there are always people on the strand and many take their dogs along with them.


Volleyball playing on Hermosa Beach

Volleyball is a big sport on the beach.


Green Store & Bottle Inn

A typical beach side street.

Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Beach twin palms

What's Southern California without palm trees?





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