palm trees

Just about everywhere you look in Southern California there are palm trees of all shapes and sizes. To me, California (at least So Cal) wouldn’t be California without palm trees and over the years I’ve taken lots of photos of them, so I decided post a few here.

early morning palms

triplet palm trees

twin palm trees

feathery palm tree

short n round palm trees

3 responses to “palm trees

  1. mutteringsfromthemoor

    haha! thanks…but I may be some time yet. I can’t even afford a holiday in my own country!

  2. mutteringsfromthemoor

    the more I read blogs from you guys in America, the more I think maybe I need to come and see your beautiful country! I’d better start saving my pennies!

    • wanderingseniors

      funny, i think the same about your country! just let me know when you’re coming… we used to be pretty good tour guides, although we haven’t been pressed into service very much lately.

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