travel bug down?

It’s happened again. A second travel bug may have been lost to a fire. We won’t know for a while, but it’s not sounding very good. Merv (the Griffin) had been placed in the Balcom Canyon Digs cache on September 9 and the fire started on the 23rd. The cache’s owner, Skych1ck, sent an email to let Merv the Griffinus know that her cache was hit by that fire and Merv was in the cache:

“On September 23, over 300 acres of dry brush burned between Grimes Canyon in Fillmore and Balcom Canyon in Santa Paula.
I just returned from vacation, and found my wooden construction which housed the ammo can completely gone. It appears that much soot and dirt have covered the area.

I will endeavor to dig for the ammo can in order to save Merv the Griffin TB. I hope that he was spared.”

We do, too. Fires are such horrible things. Until we had travel bugs we weren’t personally touched by them, just ringed by them each year. Since Merv’s in an ammo can his chances for survival are better, but he’s plastic. Not so good. We can only hope the fire moved quickly over the ammo can and it didn’t heat up very much. I know, it’s a long shot, but we can hope.

Thanks, Skych1ck, for letting us know.


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