travel bug rescue

Geocachers in general are wonderful people… and one went above and beyond wonderful recently.

Plane FunLast month, when the Station Fire was as its wildest, one of our travel bugs, Plane Fun, was rescued by a fellow geocacher, saving it from almost certain destruction. Here’s the log entry for Plane Fun:

“Location: California, United States
joetrain1 retrieved Plane Fun (Travel Bug Dog Tag) from Up On Sister Elsie’s Antenna Farm at 8/30/2009
Log Date: 8/30/2009
Work brought me up to the top of Mt. Lukens this afternoon to check on the radio towers. We left the top around 12:30pm and the cache was safe and not touched. I grabbed the TB, just in case and placed the cache back in its home, a little deeper than I found it. The firemen with me later confirmed that the mountain top did burn later in the day. I will be returning in the morning so I will check on it again. Well I hope that I will be able to return depending upon what the Station fire does overnight.”

After I wrote to joetrain1 to thank him for rescuing our travel bug, this is what he wrote back:

“I was fortunate that I was able to reach the top on Mt. Lukens and knew where the cache was hidden having found it in the past. The TB was clipped to the outside of the container and I knew it would not survive the heat. I often check on this cache when work requires me to go up the hill, mainly to see if there are any TB’s that may be stranded. Not too many people make it up the hill and sometimes a TB can stay up there for months before the next person finds the cache.”

Thank you again, Joe, for rescuing our travel bug.


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