our son’s wedding

In 10 days our son is getting married. Not any kind of stop-the-presses announcement, but it’s important to us. I intended to write about events as they unfolded, but was busy with life and all the planning that goes into a wedding. My future daughter-in-law kept me in the loop, for which I’m very grateful, but it also kept me busier than I’ve been in a while.

This wedding is planned to the nth degree. It’s going to be a fabulous wedding, one that will be talked about for years, nay, decades. No expense has been spared, no detail missed. People are coming from literally around the world. You see, our son met his finacee in Kazakhstan while serving in the Peace Corps and some of the people they served with will be attending. Yes, he had to go halfway around the world to meet “The One.” Pretty romantic, huh? I think so.

Next week several family members and friends will board a Virgin America plane and take off for the other side of the United States to attend this momentous event. We’ll do some sightseeing, visit old family homesteads & cemeteries, eat a lot of wonderful food that we haven’t had for too long (Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, great pizza and such) and meet the bride’s HUGE family. I met many of them at the bridal shower, but there are so many more that I haven’t met. It’s going to be a fun, exciting, exhausting trip.

And then our son will be married.

Another milestone reached in our lives.

Maybe one day we’ll have grandkids. 🙂


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