San Francisco

April 2008

Ah, San Francisco. Love that city!

We spent last weekend with our son and his fiancee and had the grandest time. We shopped, ate, walked, shopped, walked, ate, shopped, shopped, walked and then ate some more. Didn’t sleep a lot, even missed our afternoon nap each day and came home very tired, but it was still a great trip.

Shopping started with a visit to Flax, just about the greatest paper-and-all-things-related store I’ve ever seen. We found gorgeous, unique papers; envelopes; stickers; notebooks; journals; photo albums; scrapbook albums; pens… the list goes on and on. It’s a huge store. Took us an hour to peruse and I’m sure we missed part of it, but there will be more visits to SF and we’ll definitely go back to Flax.

bobo'sIf you’re in San Francisco and want the best filet mignon (or other steaks, or crab) you’ll ever have, head over to Bobo’s Steak House. It was rated one of SF’s best and I’m here to tell you it IS. It’s pricey (figure about $60 per person), but worth it. The place is charming, the service fantastic and the food excellent. We didn’t want to leave.

While walking around the city we came across art shows in the park, lots of dogs (San Franciscans love their dogs!), one north beach, san franciscovery nice shop owner in North Beach (we wish we’d made a note of the store’s name — the memory isn’t so good these days), and many, many tourists from all over the world. The weather was very warm and sunny with no fog… basically a perfect weekend.

What more could one ask of life?


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